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About Birox

Birox (Pty) Ltd prides them selves on at providing products and services that will benefit their clients by giving them information on how to:

  • Prevent pollution fines
  • Save on the quantity of cleanups
  • Dispose of products and waste

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Services and Solutions

Birox offers a wide range of sanitation, cleaning and odour control products that use natural micro organisms and organic compounds to safely resolve problems.  These bacteria are harmless to living matter and is now being used in a controlled format to fight against and resolve biological problems.  When for example used in drains and grease traps, these bacteria digest organic matter, thus resolving potential problems. Read more>>


At Birox (Pty) Ltd we aim to become the leading provider of cost effective protection and management of the environment by means of:

  • Natural
  • Non toxic
  • Non carcinogenic