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Birox (Pty) Ltd prides them selves on at providing products and services that will benefit their clients by giving them information on how to:

  • Prevent pollution fines
  • Save on the quantity of cleanups
  • Dispose of products and waste

This information will contribute towards:

  • Reducing labour time
  • Reducing plant downtime
  • Reducing employee ill health
  • Preventing slippage accidents
  • Promoting safe government expenditure.

Birox believes that one should lead by example and therefore their main objective is to live out that role for the community.  By pursuing this objective, it will provide:

  • Environmental response
  • Local authority involvement
  • Assessment and application of ISO14001 standards and procedures.

They only manufacture and supply chemicals and bioflora that adhere to the Montréal protocol including onsite aid.  Birox's products are both environmentally and user friendly unlike most competitors in South Africa.  These products are not hazardous to humans, fauna or flora.

Some of the advantages of environmental awareness include:

  • Preserving the environment for future generations
  • Increased tourism thanks to a cleaner and healthier atmosphere
  • Promoting evolution without destruction of resources
  • Helping to restore nature's natural balance, insuring survival.

“We strive to do business in an honest and truthful manner at all times, thereby insuring the best quality, service, products and response to our clients.”




At Birox (Pty) Ltd we strive to inform our clients on how to prevent pollution fines, save on the number of cleanups, products and waste to dispose of. We thereby reduce the labor time, cutting down on plant downtime, preventing slippage accidents, reducing the employee ill health and finally safe government. We also strive to become the leading supplier of environmentally safe products in South Africa.


At Birox (Pty) Ltd we aim to become the leading provider of cost effective protection and management of the environment by means of:

  • Natural
  • Non toxic
  • Non carcinogenic
  • Biodegradable and
  • Biological safe products
  • Thereby selling a solution to everyday problems.



Business type: Closed Corporation
Registered name: Beyond Infinity Water and Waste Management 
Trading name:  Birox Cleaning Elements
CC registration number:  2008/181870/23
Members: A Roets


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