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Gumboots are very South African, initially made famous by Gumboot dancers at the South African mines in Johannesburg. The African Boot gumboots are very affordable, randomly available, comfortable and practical – especially in cold and wet environments. We can create and manufacture the African Boot according to each of our client’s specifications. Distribution also takes place from centralized point and the whole concept contributes to South African Tourism.

What started as a dream by owners Eric and Christelle Fick, creators of African Boot Manufacturing & Distributing, developed into a well-established business, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a uniquely-designed, patented gumboot that can be used for promotional purposes to market South Africa in a creative and fashionable way.  

The African Boot draws on the concept of a purely South-African gumboot that is very unique and innovative. These appealing characteristics of the African Boot enable it to be used as a promotional and brand awareness tool as well as a team supporter novelty item.

What makes African Boot even more appealing is that both owners are actively involved with the business. Their passion, determination and direct involvement in the business are the driving force that makes African Boot a great success.
As Eric would say: “The African Boot is very innovative, unique and something that is really Proudly South African. We also try and give back to the community by employing previously disadvantaged people to assist in the process of manufacturing and creating the African Boot.

In short - with African Boot you can experience the sole of Africa”.       

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