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Corporate Identity Design

These are examples of Corporate Identity design and layout done for various clients. Ranging from logo design to business cards and stationary design.


Happy Camper Volskie mUseum Assorted T-shirts

Stephanie Kilian Logo

Shepard Logo GRGas Market Logo RGB JPEG

Fat Stacks Pancake Co 10.Bathopele logo
BEZ Creations logoDe Land Logo

Pocket the Winner - Logo - Wide        Fermata

Ekasi-Street-Food-logoMandleni Logo

Maxtech Logo Traders logo

studio O logoDarling-Dearest-Logov1Ferdinand Cookie Co 22lekkerice





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Flyers & Poster Design

At Speech Bubble Creative we design flyers and posters for your advertising campaign needs.

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Layout, Print Ads & DTP

From Magazine to news paper layout and design.

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Website Design


jaguar-website Nico-grobler-website cedars-website-home

curve-u-website qualitas-website ecofs_website

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Previous Clients and Examples

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3D architectural visualizations

3d render

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Drawing & illustrations with other example work

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