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About SBC

Based in Bloemfontein, Speech Bubble Creative (PTY) LTD. came about through an identified need in the market. All companies have something to say – but not all of them know how to do it effectively. That’s where we come in. We help you “Talk the talk”, to reach your intended audience, and to become memorable in the mind of the consumer.

Speech Bubble Creative can offer you integrated marketing services with one phone call. We understand that your business is important and will therefore help you to push through the boundaries, not tow the line.

Speech Bubble Creative has been offering graphic design and web development services from 2008. Here at SBC we are always endeavouring to add to our services and product offerings to keep up with customer needs.

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To achieve brand recognition through visual identification.


  • To be the market leader in creative marketing and design and advertising.
  • To strive to ensure absolute client satisfaction and results.
  • To have our client rise above the competition through recognition of their brand and identity and product.
Let’s “Talk the Talk”


Speech Bubble Creative is BBBEE certified through the Empowerlogic Verification Agency. Empowerlogic is a SANAS Accredited Agency.
(Certificate available on request).

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Speech Bubble Creative is in good standing with SARS – (Certificate available on request).

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About Christo

Christo completed the Diploma in Computer Graphics and Animation in 1998 , PC Software Support in 1999 and Diploma in Multi Media and Animation in 2000 all the while doing freelance work on several occasions and working as a student facilitator at Damelin during his 2nd and 3rd year which gave him even more background in the design industry.

In 2001 he started his career as graphic designer at Foto & Video House and in 2002 he was offered a full-time position at Damelin as Facilitator in Graphic Design.

He has a passion about working with people to try and get the best out of them. Having been involved in several freelance design campaigns for various small projects including a local news paper and several websites as well as the advert campaigns for Damelin Bloemfontein, his skill in design and marketing have constantly been challenged and expanded, giving him an advantage in any pressure situation. He is surely an asset to any company and their design needs.

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About Jaco

With Jaco as a part of the SBC team he will help your company with dynamic growth opportunities, offering his services within the management, sales and marketing fields.

As a business plan consultant, Jaco has serviced numerous clients with developing sound business plans for their intended or existing operations. He has developed in depth plans for agricultural entities ranging from Cattle, Pork, Grain and wildlife.

Most recently he has rendered his services as Business Mentor and Adviser to both private and semi-government institutions (Khula Enterpize Finance Ltd. / Recently renamed SEFA – Small Enterprise Finance Agency.

Jaco is a Level-2 registered business adviser with IBASA (Institute of Business Advisers South Africa). You may view his listing on the website: www.ibasa.org.za

His tertiary studies include relevant business certificates, including Sales and Marketing Management, Business Management and Administration as well as Public Relations.

Contactable references may be provided if and when requested.

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